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We are two people who have decided to spend a year in service of the heart. For us this means pursuit of personal adventure, as a newly married couple traveling Asia for a year by motorcycle, and acts of public devotion, effectively and fruitfully giving back to the communities and countries we travel through.

We are doing this by building Salesforce.com systems to help local non-profits manage their organizations — providing professional consulting to groups who ordinarily wouldn’t have the means to access it. In addition to providing technical consulting, we’ll also be documenting our work and sharing the stories of the organizations we work with, providing valuable exposure for these groups whose efforts make such a difference.

It’s the trip of a life-time, except it’s what we do with our lives and our time. And we’re having the time of our lives doing it. Read more of our philanthropic plans here.

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Partnering with the Salesforce Foundation

The Salesforce Foundation works with nonprofits all over the world, providing enterprise class technology through a generous donation program. At Saint’s company, Exponent Partners, we implement Salesforce to track everything a nonprofit does — from fundraising, to program management, to volunteer management, communications, and tracking outcomes. With the right implementation and training, it can be a powerful tool for improving how nonprofits do their work. In the next few months we’ll be identifying which nonprofits we will be working with and sharing their stories on this site. Stay tuned for more information.
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